Hypnosis with Steve Dodson

The aim of writing this blog is to present topics regarding hypnosis and the potential of the human mind.

My hope is that it expands your view on what is possible for you as an individual.

Unconscious parts that have gone rogue!

Have you ever wondered why you react a certain way when someone says something to you?

It’s like in that moment something just comes up out of nowhere and takes over. You can’t control the arrival of the feeling but you may have gotten good at recognizing the reaction so you consciously hold your tongue as you force the feeling back down.


The experience of a hypnotic trance is not so unusual...

In fact, it’s a natural state that occurs many times during the course of your day.

Anytime you were lost in thought, totally absorbed in what you were doing or just, “in the zone”, you were experiencing a level of hypnosis. However, chances are you weren’t doing it consciously. Just like those times when you found yourself pulling into the driveway and had that sudden realisation of not remembering much (or any) of the journey home.  read more...

Understanding your mind's eye

We have this really cool part of our brain called the reticular activating system (RAS) which basically works to filter out what isn’t relevant to our lives and what is. It focuses our attention on the things we think about the most and the things that are important to us.

I’ve been reading my boys an awesome series of books called the Guardians of Ga’Hoole which is a fantasy story about owls. I started reading them about a month ago and since then I have stumbled across several documentaries on owls at youtube, get at least one owl photo or video... read more...


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