Hypnosis in Noosa – A Journey with Steve Dodson

It all began with the martial arts.

I had been training in karate for approximately 5 years and had earned my Black Belt with permission to begin a school of my own. I had developed a good foundation of physical skill and as a natural progression of the training, I became interested in the way of the mind.

The psychology of success and personal development became my passion. My karate school provided me with the perfect battleground in which to test and apply what I had been learning. 

Thoughts are Real Forces

In those early days I remember listening to “Mind Power” by John Kehoe where he made the statement, “Thoughts are real forces”.  I began to take notice of my thoughts and realised how much they could make or break success in any area of my life.

I began listening to the speech patterns of others and quickly realised that people were either supporting or sabotaging their success, while at the same time revealing negative beliefs about themselves.

I was on a mission to find out how to change these beliefs or create better ones that moved you forward and helped you achieve what it was that you really wanted.  

That’s when I came across hypnotherapy. I was given a book about self-hypnosis and used the techniques on myself to give up smoking overnight. I had found a way to communicate with my subconscious mind that made changes fast.

Hypnosis is focused on what you want to change rather than what was going wrong. I liked this approached because it directed the mind in a dynamic and creative way. 

I had a group of students who wanted to develop their skills, so my karate classes became a dynamic form of hypnosis in action. I would deliver group hypnotic sessions as well as use hypnotic language patterns to help bring out their best. More importantly, they developed a way of thinking that would serve them in the future.

The attitude now was not, “Why can’t I do this?” It was, “How can I do it better?” This shift in thinking made all the difference as these students began to excel and also took this attitude into life outside the training hall. 

I was the oldest kid in the class!

This knowledge and understanding had a profound effect on me personally. A certain self-belief was building and I was stepping out of old comfort zones.

I previously had only been educated to year ten and left school to work because I was considered a slow learner. Now I felt as if I was ready to extend myself further so I enrolled in High School at the age of 27 to finish my HSC (I was the oldest kid in the class!). At the same time I studied with David Kennedy’s School of Hypnosis where I formally earned my Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma. 

Armed with my High School certificate and Hypnosis Diploma I moved to Melbourne and took on the challenge of university. Five years later I returned home to Noosa with a Bachelor of Clinical Science and a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science. I credit hypnosis as the main supporting factor that helped me achieve this academic success.

I had discovered how my brain processed information making it easier and much more enjoyable learning new and challenging topics. My old outdated and secondhand beliefs about being a slow learner were replaced with the knowledge that we can do anything if our mindset is on our side.

I came to a crossroads in my career and chose to retire from chiropractic practice and become a full time Clinical Hypnotist.  

I felt that I could make more of a difference in the lives of people in my community by helping them change outdated beliefs and removing the roadblocks to their personal success and happiness. 

We all have the potential to change, grow and achieve our goals no matter what they are.

Call me if you’re ready to change a habit, upgrade your belief system or accelerate success in your personal life. I’m here to help.

To your success,

Steve Dodson - Noosa Hypnosis