The experience of a hypnotic trance is not so unusual...

In fact, it’s a natural state that occurs many times during the course of your day.

Anytime you were lost in thought, totally absorbed in what you were doing or just, “in the zone”, you were experiencing a level of hypnosis. However, chances are you weren’t doing it consciously.

Just like those times when you found yourself pulling into the driveway and had that sudden realisation of not remembering much (or any) of the journey home. It’s often called highway hypnosis. Your subconscious mind was taking care of the driving while you were “somewhere” else.

I often say to my clients that you already do hypnosis, I’m just going to help you do it on purpose for a purpose. 

So what does it feel like?

That’s a good question and the answer is that it’s different for everyone.

 In physical terms it’s usually quite relaxing as there is a shift of focus from the body to the mind’s real time awareness. Often clients that have had physical discomfort (such as back pain) report that it disappeared during the session, in the sense that they forgot it was there. Every one of my chronic pain clients are taught self-hypnosis as a result of this phenomena. 

Many people experience lightness, or relaxed heaviness (even both simultaneously) within their limbs and body. Often there is a warm tingling or buzzing sensation that develops in parts or the whole of their body. Some clients report a state of “no body” in which they are blissfully disconnected from bodily sensation and exist as mind awareness only. 

You can probably remember those moments just before you drift off to sleep or just as you awaken fully in the morning. During a hypnosis session I guide you to a place that is similar, where you can remain in and be aware of that state of mind much longer than a few fleeting moments. This is when suggestions for personal change are offered to your subconscious because they can bypass the normal restrictions of the critical mind. Then you can harness the full potential of your imagination and embrace these constructive new ideas as your own.

Am I handing over control to the Hypnotherapist?

The simple answer is no. If any suggestions were made that you didn’t agree with or weren’t in line with your personal values or morals, then you would reject them and most likely open your eyes thus ending the hypnotic state. You cannot be made to do or say anything against your will during a therapeutic hypnotic session.

Your goals for the session and ideas for change are discussed and agreed upon at the beginning so that you are comfortable with them beforehand. When you feel comfortable with the hypnotherapist and ready to embrace the process of “letting go” to allow yourself to enter the hypnotic state, you can then experience the special power of the mind and imagination. 

How deep is deep?

Clients often ask about how deeply they will go into hypnosis. Although part of the hypnotic language infers that one goes deeper and deeper into the hypnotic state, there is no way to actually measure the depth (we don’t have depthometer :-).

It’s not important how “deep” a person goes because positive results occur whether someone is fully disconnected from bodily sensations or just seemingly sitting there with their eyes closed. It’s more about the skill of the hypnotist to be able to recognize whether the client is in hypnosis because the person will have a unique experience regardless. 

Although every one of my clients get to experience some interesting hypnotic moments, it’s all about the results. There are no negative side effects from the hypnotic process, only the potential to let go of limiting beliefs and expand your horizons as an individual. 

If you’re ready to explore that potential, feel free to contact me for chat.