Lose Weight with Hypnosis – The Easy Way

Lose weight and become the size and shape you want to be!

You don’t have to battle anymore trying to keep a healthy weight! You can lose the weight you want to … and keep it off!

Hypnosis gives you control over food and the way it fits into your lifestyle.

My “systematic approach” helps you gain control of unhelpful eating behaviors and focuses your mind’s attention on the things that will make you look good, feel great and have more energy.

To learn more about how I can help you be successful at losing that weight with Hypnosis, give me a call today. I’m ready to help you succeed with this important and life-changing issue.

Dieting alone will usually end in failure for most people because diets don’t address the factors that caused the weight gain in the first place.

Each person has a unique background and set of circumstances. Matching the correct hypnosis techniques to the individual helps them achieve their weight loss goals much more easily.  

My program is so successful because the hypnosis sessions are tailored to you as an individual taking into account your past and present as well as your desired future.

Ready to Lose Weight?

Each program consists of a brief series of hypnosis sessions to put in place the new habits of a healthy lifestyle. Every session is different. In our first meeting, we discuss your goals and past challenges. You’ll then experience a positive hypnosis session that will focus your subconscious mind on making the necessary healthy lifestyle changes.

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To your success,

Steve Dodson – Noosa Hypnosis.