Achieve Peak Performance with Hypnosis

Any sports person will know that their mindset or attitude is crucial to peak performance in their chosen field.

Most will also recall those times when “you’re in the zone”, and everything is just flowing naturally without effort. 

So why doesn’t that happen all the time?

A large part of the answer is found in the type of thinking that goes on during your game or activity.

Our mind thinks in directions. Our thoughts hop from one type to another similar type. 

A pattern for a golfer may go like this…

“I’m coming up to the water hazard”, “Last time my ball went swimming”, “Don’t hit it in this time, everyone’s watching”, “And don’t slice this one for goodness sake!” 

You can probably imagine the outcome. “Plunk!”

This one type of thought process occurs often for people who find themselves struggling to reach peak performance in their sporting abilities.

By dealing with the source of one’s attitudes and beliefs (the subconscious mind), hypnosis helps to create constructive thought patterns leading to successful performance.

The Desire to Improve

It doesn’t matter what level you’re at or what activity you pursue, we all have a desire to improve our skills when it comes to what we’re passionate about.

Here are some of the types of clients that hypnosis has helped break down barriers to achieve success in their field:

  • Golfers, tennis players, footballers, runners, martial artists
  • Singers, dancers, actors, public speakers
  • Students - academic performance, studying, motivation
  • Business – self-promotion, cold calling, upskilling

Anyone who wants to learn something new or reach peak performance within their present skillset.

How do you know so much about all these Topics?

The simple answer is that I don’t.

I see you as the expert. You already have the experience in your field (even if it’s limited) and you know what you want to learn or improve. You also know the precise areas where you are struggling or getting stuck. You have the desire to improve and succeed but something is stopping you or making it difficult. 

That’s where I come in. You’ve provided me with enough information so that I can help you break down the barriers that hold you back. 

What we may need to change, may not be what you think. Sometimes certain beliefs you hold about yourself go all the way back to childhood. These beliefs can have an effect on how you learn and perform today.

Often times we just need to set up that “directional thinking” habit so that it leads to success rather than failure.

Another process I use is to get all the “parts” of your mind working together as a team so that you are laser focused on producing an enjoyable and successful outcome.

In many cases all is needed is a boost in self-confidence to set you on the road to peak performance.

What do I do Now?

Simply call me on 0419 020 397 for a free confidential phone consultation and we can discuss your current challenges and get you moving forward. 

To your success,

Steve Dodson – Noosa Hypnosis.